Ski Mask Cartel 2: Strictly for the Paper

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After RACINE betrays RAYJON, the head of the SKI MASK CARTEL, he and TEZ are forced to form their own cartel, but can they prosper with the threat of Rayjon retaliating against them with full force?

The heat from the enemy\'s vengeance is so volatile and intense, Racine must find a way to get his money all the way up so he can move his family from the slums before they become targets. Will the burgeoning gangsta move quick enough to shelter those he love from the blood thirsty savages that are on his trail? Or will his family perish as a result of Racine\'s questionable decisions?

On the road to prosperity, many lessons will be underlined with blood, pain, tears and regret. A bond that was once sealed with love will be fractured by bullets.

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